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MEUSA Rejoices Over Nationwide Marriage Equality!

26 June 2015


100+ Celebrations Across the Country Today 
For Landmark Supreme Court Decision

San Francisco/New York · Marriage Equality USA announces nationwide celebrations today to mark the United States Supreme Court’s landmark decision affirming marriage equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans.

“Today is a day that will long be remembered in our nation’s history. Today, the United States Supreme Court established once and for all that LGBTQ Americans, like all other Americans, have the fundamental freedom to marry the person they love in every state of our union,” said John Lewis, Marriage Equality USA Legal and Policy Director. “The Supreme Court’s decision recognizes our common humanity and makes clear that LGBTQ Americans should be embraced as a vital part of our nation’s fabric. The decision establishes an important legal precedent that will pave the way to ending all discrimination against LGBTQ Americans. Indeed, the decision stands as a beacon of hope for true equality for all Americans.”

“Celebrations of this dream come true will be taking place all across our country, from Jackson, Mississippi to El Paso, Texas to Seattle, Washington,” said Marriage Equality USA Executive Director Brian Silva. “Americans from every corner of this nation have worked for decades for this moment by sharing our stories of love, commitment, and family. Founded nearly 20 years ago, Marriage Equality USA is the nation’s oldest organization created for the specific purpose of achieving the freedom to marry nationwide. We are thrilled this day has finally come.” 

“Thousands of people were working for marriage equality decades prior to the explosion of interest after Proposition 8 passed,” noted Christine Allen, Marriage Equality USA Communications Team. “This includes the brave couples who stood up for the right to marry in the early 1970's, when they had no support network whatsoever. We would not be celebrating today if not for the work of those pioneers. Today we honor them, and thank them. Today represents the culmination of their courage and perseverance.”

Marriage Equality USA is a lead organizer of the Unite for Marriage coalition that is coordinating local celebrations across the country. Please check to view a complete listing of local events and to locate local media contacts.

LGBTQ legal organizations have created an FAQ website explaining the factual landscape following today’s historic marriage ruling:


Stuart Gaffney, Comms. Dir., (415) 378-3259, [email protected]
John Lewis, Legal & Policy Dir., (415) 377-7924, [email protected]
Brian Silva, Executive Dir., (347) 913-6369, [email protected]


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