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On Valentine's Day, 2014, MEUSA premiered the long anticipated SHE4ME viral video PSA on YouTube. The project, SHE4MarriageEquality (SHE4ME), is a five+ minute video directed by award winning Writer/Director Nicole Conn and born from the song “She,” written and performed by singer-songwriter Jen Foster, a favorite within the lesbian community for over a decade and regularly used in lesbian commitment ceremonies. As of 2018 the video had almost 2 million views.

SHE4ME is all about love.  About how underneath it all, Love is Love and, to coin a lyric from the song SHE “there is nothing to be afraid of”. This video shows a face that people need to see, the face of unconditional love.  With the help of YouTube and hundreds of volunteers, partner organizations, SHE4ME is expected to reach millions of people all around the globe, especially in places where LGBT people are not accepted.

The video opens up to a beautiful wedding, where viewers witness a celebration of love between family, friends, and guests.  The viewers are taken on a journey through exquisite flashbacks of the bride and her best friend in their youth.  We witness an underlying tension during the present day wedding before being presented with an endearing plot twist.  The twist has been designed to help transmit a hopeful message of love and understanding to a mainstream audience, thinking of those with opinions somewhere near neutral on gay marriage.

The pinnacle of love is the joining of two souls to become one and the most sacred act to commemorate this is Marriage. When I was approached to come up with a concept for the SHE4ME supporting Marriage Equality, I was thrilled. My entire career has been devoted to creating books and films that provoke the viewer to experience the spectrum of emotions involved with love and passion and our goal here was to produce something that could communicate our message to a mass audience.– Nicole Conn, Writer / Director.

Music and video projects like this have the power to impact millions of viewers by showing the love and commitment that is celebrated and protected by passing civil marriage equality for LGBTQ families.” – Brian Silva, Executive Director, MEUSA.

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