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Supreme Court Denies All Marriage Appeals; Fight Continues for a National Resolution

Washington D.C. / New York  6 October 2014 - Today the Supreme Court denied petitions from the Tenth Circuit (Oklahoma, Utah), Seventh Circuit (Indiana, Wisconsin) and the Fourth Circuit (Virginia) bringing marriage equality immediately to those states and soon to North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and West Virginia. This brings the rights and joys of marriage to millions of additional Americans while still leaving others vulnerable.

"Today is a great day for millions of Americans who can now access the rights, responsibilities and protections that only marriage can provide," said MEUSA Executive Direction Brian Silva. "But we know that for millions more Americans, today's ruling still leaves them vulnerable to the harm caused by a lack of access to marriage."

"Just yesterday, as we crossed the bridge from Virginia into DC, we made a point of noting that we had gone from being married on Thursday morning to being unmarried that night, to now being married again. And now we'll be married no matter which direction we leave DC," said MEUSA Social Media Manager and Virginia native Thom Watson. 

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