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Marriage Equality USA Launches "Heart of What Matters"

Interactive, story-based program to build more understanding and respectful communities for LGBTQ families

Raleigh, NC/ Atlanta, GA / New York, NY  8 October 2014 - Marriage Equality USA is excited to announce the launch of the "Heart of What Matters," a story-based, interactive presentation program to build empathy and understanding among audiences with mixed levels of support for marriage -- all while exploring why public support for it is growing so quickly. HOWM seeks to move our communities to a place where we live in mutual understanding, respect and support with our neighbors.

"I am delighted with the interest in the program and quality of the presenters and other volunteer leaders in each of the sites," said MEUSA Program Manager Tracy Hollister. "We have some passionate and talented people going through this program who really get the importance of respectful, open communications with those who may disagree with us on this issue. Their stories are rich and powerful, and will make a positive difference on those we reach."

"While we are excited by MEUSA's work helping to change laws, it is programs like these that will allow LGBTQ families to live equality in communities that respect and understand each other," added MEUSA's Executive Director Brian Silva.

The Fall 2014 pilot is being held in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill triangle region of North Carolina, and in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2015, MEUSA plans to make the program available to other parts of the country which do not yet have marriage equality.


Tracy Hollister, Program Manager, [email protected], (919) 610-8477

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