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Indiana Marriage Amendment 2014 - HJR 3

Type & Purpose of Ballot Measure: Proposed legislatively-referred constitutional amendment.
Date Proposed: February 2011
Proposed/Sponsored By: Representatives P. Eric Turner (R-32) and David Cheatham (D-62)


  • The 2014 version of the Indiana Marriage Amendment will not appear on the 2014 ballot as a proposed legislatively-referred constitutional amendment.
  • This measure would have defined marriage as between one man and one woman. The state already has a law that bans same-sex marriage, however, according to supporters, a constitutional amendment passed by voters would protect that law from being overturned in state courts.
  • The proposed constitutional amendment was altered in January 2014, requiring the legislature to vote on the new language during the next two consecutive sessions. This makes 2016 the earliest the altered measure could appear on the ballot.

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