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Couple: End of a lifetime of waiting - SCOTUS about to decide on same-sex marriage

2015-01-16_Shelly_and_Ellen_marriage_to_SCOTUS_News10.pngFor Shelly Bailes and Ellen Pontac, the issue before the nation's highest court is straightforward.

Long-time marriage equality activists, and local MEUSA organizers, Pontac and Bailes are featured in this article and video clip by reporter Dave Marquis, of KXTV News10 ABC TV on the day SCOTUS granted cert to all four 6th Circuit marriage cases, 16 January 2015.

"There are 36 states that have marriage equality. There's only 14 left and 59 percent of the people of the United States believe in marriage equality," Bailes said. "There's really no reason to vote against it."

"It's just equality," Pontac said. "I mean, it's very simple."

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