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Sharing_Our_Experiences_Logo.jpgNow that there is a real possibility that the Supreme Court will rule in favor of marriage equality as early as June, 2015, many of us are wondering what more we can do to increase support for marriage equality and why we need to continue to take action.  

Here’s what we can do: share our experiences related to marriage equality. You can learn how to do this by signing up for one of our Sharing Our Experiences webinars. We limit each webinar to several people to provide everyone time to share.  

Why do this? Well, the shortest distance below two people is a story. Sharing our experiences is a simple, powerful and personal way for us to connect with each other. And, in this case, sharing our stories creates a way to for us to reach those who do not yet understand or support our freedom to marry.   

Charlie_dad_and_Bill.jpgThis is more effective than you may realize. LGBTQ people and our allies can move people to greater levels of personal support, empathy and respect for LGBTQ people and our families - and our lived experience of equality in our communities - if we have the courage to give voice to our own experiences. 

You may have heard how important coming out is, both as LGBTQ people and as allies. Learning to share your experiences with broader groups of people can be even more powerful.  

Not sure which experience to share? We’re here to help. Sign up for our online webinar and get one-to-one support.  

For inspiration, read what our friend Charlie Scatamacchia, who is hosts the Sharing Our Experiences webinars, had to say about his Dad’s Journey to "I Do."

Tracy Hollister is the Marriage Equality USA Program Manager
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