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In celebration of November being “Gratitude Month,” we asked our Facebook followers to share what they are thankful for this year. Below are the some of the responses from our supporters:

NoName.jpgNancy M. Barwick
I'm thankful that my friends in my former home state (MA) and my current one (VA) can now marry. I no longer have to feel guilty that my husband and I have benefits that people we love do not.

Mark_Hall.jpgMark Hall
So happy for you all - freedoms for everybody and not just the chosen few.

Amber_Patton.jpgAmber Patton
I'm thankful for my beautiful fiancé Christina and our handsome 4 month old, Max! Without the two in my life I would be completely and utterly lost!

Matt_Spivey-Bevington.jpgMatt Spivey-Bevington
I am thankful that after 22 years together I was able to legally marry my husband here in our home state of Indiana. A big THANK YOU to the ACLU of Indiana.

Ted_Dumont.jpgTed Dumont
I am so grateful I was able to finally marry the man I love... after almost 20 years together... in Utah! #Gratitude

Stephen_Rosenberg.jpgStephen Rosenberg
I am thankful for my amazing husband, I am thankful for his awesome family and my unique one. I am thankful for all the progress marriage equality has made in the last year. I am thankful for all the people fighting for the state of Florida to have the same rights. I am thankful for all the people who understand that we are human and deserve to be happy and enjoy our lives just like they do.. Inside we are all the same!!

Brett_Larch.jpgBrett Larch
I'm thankful for gay marriage being legal here, I'm thankful that my mom and dad still love me and don't see me any different and I still have a home to come to.

Emily_Godsey.jpgEmily Godsey
I am thankful for the progress that we've made and the hope that this has given me. Alabama will have marriage equality some day. I truly believe this now.

Emily_Estilow.jpgEmily Estilow
I'm thankful for the fact that the state I've called home my entire life got marriage equality earlier this year, and I'm grateful to live in a state where anyone can get married, no matter who they love. :) (Pennsylvania.)

Robin_Hickman.jpgRobin Hickman
I'm thankful for my family and friends, and everyone being healthy. I am ecstatic that I was finally able to marry my partner/wife of more than 31 years, and I'm grateful to have a steady job that supports our livelihood. And I'm thankful that Jesus loves me!





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