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Current Status

  • Civil marriage equality in effect at the state level since October 2014. (Same-sex couples may legally marry.)
  • 3 November 2014, After Norfolk couple's long court battle, life goes on - By Bill Sizemore with the PilotOnline. RE: the Rainey v. Bostic case (see under LAWSUITS-RESOLVED below). 


  • Virginia is the home of the 1967 landmark Loving v. Virginia legal case regarding interracial marriage. This case is a major precedent for the marriage equality legal cases of our time, and plaintiff Mildred Loving is a supporter of the freedom to marry for all. 
  • 6 October 2014, the Supreme Court of the United States did not grant cert for any of 7 marriage cases from 5 states that had submitted petitions asking for review, including Virginia's case, Rainey v. Bostic (see under LAWSUITS-RESOLVED below). This left the prior 4th Circuit Court of Appeals 28 July 2014 ruling standing as valid and legalized marriage equality in Virginia.