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  • 20 October 2014, results of a poll conducted Oct. 14-16 by Dan Jones and Associates showed 61% of Utahns opposed same-sex marriage, which became legal in October due to the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to hear appeals from several states whose same-sex marriage bans were struck down in lower courts, including Utah (see Kitchen under LAWSUITS-RESOLVED above).That is down slightly from the 63% who said they opposed same-sex marriage in a similar poll in August 2014. Meanwhile, 37% of 405 respondents queried after marriage equality was legalized Oct. 6 said they were supportive, up from 29% in August. News Source
  • A Dan Jones & Associates/Cicero Group poll from on 14-16 January 2014 found that 57% of Utah residents oppose same-sex marriage, 36% support it, while 6% were undecided. The question was "Do you support same-sex marriage?", and the margin of error was ± 3.5%. News Source
  • A Salt Lake Tribune poll taken by SurveyUSA 10-13 January 2014 found that Utah residents were evenly split on whether same-sex couples in Utah should be allowed to get state-issued marriage licenses — 48% for and 48% against, while 4% were uncertain. The question was "Should same-sex couples in Utah be allowed to get state-issued marriage licenses?", and the margin of error was ± 4.1%. Some 72% (margin of error ± 3.7%) said same-sex couples should be allowed to form civil unions that provide the same legal rights as marriage. Poll Details