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Thom Watson - Social Media Manager, Getting to "I DO" Lead

thom_watson.jpgThom is an avid reader, gamer, Lego builder, sci-fi and fantasy fan, and Internet junkie -- a real geek's geek. Professionally, Thom has directed e-commerce, online learning, and electronic communications programs for the University of California, PBS, and the U.S. Department of State's Foreign Service Institute, among others.

Thom has expanded his MEUSA involvement far beyond managing Social Media. He and his husband have become well-known marriage equality spokespeople and he handles all tech needs for and writes for the MEUSA News Blog. Thom is a regular columnist for the San Francisco Bay Times and writes for other publications as well. He is a vital member of our Communications Team. Thom helped to author an amicus brief that MEUSA submitted to the United States Supreme Court in February 2013.

Originally from Virginia's rural Alleghany Highlands and a Harvard graduate, Thom now lives with his husband Jeff Tabaco and their two cats, Mojo and Tiki, in a mid-century house in Daly City, CA, the perfect backdrop to their living room Tiki bar and collection of Tiki mugs, mid-century dinnerware, and 1962 Seattle World's Fair memorabilia.

Thom and Jeff were finally able to marry in late 2013, after a 10-year engagement, once Prop 8 was finally and truly put to rest, and the full and equal protections of the U.S. Constitution became available to them.

In addition to marriage equality and LGBTQ rights, Thom is passionately devoted to issues of secularism, church-state separation, gender equality, and social justice.