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Reenie Panzini - Lancaster PA ROC

reenie_panzini.jpgReverend Reenie Panzini is an Ordained Interfaith Minister and graduate of The New Seminary in NYC, and Order of Universal Interfaith. Reenie is the author of The Brightest Town, An Interfaith Holiday Story. Reenie is the founder of Interfaith Garden, a teaching ministry geared toward young families with children.  She runs seminars and classes where parents and children attend together to learn the similarities of the world’s religions, and that LOVE is the basis of all of them.  

Her resume includes 10+ years as a non-profit event planner and member of local school planning committees and, 9+ years as a wedding and commitment ceremony creator and officiant.

Reenie is a straight ally who lives with her husband and 3 beautiful, motivating, interfaith children in Lancaster. She likes to paint and craft for fun and she is passionate about disco music! (She prefers "Reenie" to "Reverend.")