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Ned Flaherty - Project Manager

ned_flaherty_crop.jpgNed lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where he pursues a non-profit career in community and LGBTQ activism, and a for-profit career in information technology.  He created our Election 2012 project and our original National Marriage Equality Map, precursor to our updated National Marriage Maps, for Marriage Equality USA.

The fascinating Election 2012 project was created and developed to show 12 major ways in which LGBTQ people still are not full and equal citizens, to expand the national dialogue, and to provide usable data to candidates, journalists, and voters. After the project began, presidential candidates dramatically increased their overall support for LGBTQ equality. 

Ned created the original National Marriage Map which illustrated the current status of marriage equality throughout the United States. Ned reads the news incessantly and is renowned within MEUSA for his investigative research. In addition to working with MEUSA, Ned is a regular contributor to the PolicyMic and New Civil Rights Movement news sites. Ned collects, organizes, disseminates and updates a massive amount of detailed Legal & Policy news information for MEUSA.

Ned sees all equality issues as interdependent, and hopes that people in the "more-equal" states will continue working toward justice for the "less-equal" states.  When he's not working, it's easy to catch Ned on a stormy day at some art house theater watching foreign films about hot food.