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Michael Mathie & Tyler McCraley - Salt Lake City Region UT ROC

crop_tyler_mccraley_michael_mathie.jpgMichael and Tyler are the most recent members of the Utah ROC and they are engaged to be married! (Michael's on the left, Tyler on right in their photo.)

Michael’s passion in life it to make it a more beautiful place. He loves all aspects of design, interior and exterior. You can always find him wandering around a garden nursery. Michael believes that having order and simplicity in one's surroundings, brings order and simplicity to the mind. There is nothing more important to Michael than his family. His purpose in life is to make sure his children and family always know how much they are loved and cared for. If anyone is in need, Michael is the first one to volunteer a helping hand or a listening ear. He is passionate about connecting with people and creating a better community. He enjoys seeing his community evolve to a more caring and accepting place for everyone. 

Tyler believes in living life to the fullest in everything one does. His philosophy is that everything you put out comes back to you. He strives to bring a positive energy to both work and play. Tyler is passionate about serving and giving back to the community. Both men help to organize and furnish housing for homeless youth -- helping them get a new start in life. Tyler is a partner in the couple's company, Michael Mathie Design, which is key to furnishing the youth housing. Tyler loves and devotes time to his partner Michael and their two kids. He believes, with all his heart, that equality for all is the single most important issue in our society. He eagerly anticipates the day when his family can be legally bound and respected like it should be.