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John Mattras - News Manager

john_mattras_crop.jpgJohn manages the MEUSA News Blog. He is from Washington DC and was born and raised "inside the beltway" by a conservative political family in need of enlightenment. Avoiding both intimacy and dealing with his orientation, he was able to finish law school at the age of 22 before escaping the inauthentic life of "the beltway" and moving to America's heartland -- lower Manhattan.

After several years on Wall Street and picking up a master's degree in journalism at night, he finally decided to "get a life." Now in a bi-national relationship with Mexican designer Juan Sierra, he runs his own company developing product placement strategies and raising capital for micro-credit enterprises around the world. Although he converted his now for-profit company from a not-for-profit out of necessity, he does not believe in applying conversion therapy techniques to other realms.

In his free time, John avoids traveling, spends as much time as possible with his boyfriend (including seeing the kinds of movies he'd avoid if it weren't for his boyfriend), rides his bike through Manhattan and takes every advantage of free tickets from friends to see as many Broadway and off-Broadway plays as he can. Oh, and he still likes politics, but just the kind that helps people.