Marriage Equality USA

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Regional Organizing

Our volunteer Local Organizers were our “Love Warriors” on the front lines of the marriage equality movement! Organized into Regional Organizing Committee (ROC's), these Local Organizers worked within their communities to change hearts and minds, one conversation at a time.

ROCs accomplished their work within the scope of Marriage Equality USA's mission by focusing on educational efforts, projects and events developed with the consultation and support of MEUSA's Executive Director, Program Manager and national staff. A list of ROCs is displayed on this page.

What Made Us Different

Certainly there are other good organizations in the marriage equality movement that did very important work. Why did people choose to be a part of Marriage Equality USA? What made us different? We can offer several reasons:

  • Our grassroots organization was founded by activists who "do" rather than just talk. Marriage Equality USA continually invested in its members and volunteer leaders – the real people, "regular folks," on the front lines of this movement are where our most successful and innovative ideas have come from.
  • We welcomed all points of views and visions for projects and events. Marriage Equality USA listens to new ways of thinking. We don't believe there is only one "right" way to do things, or only one message that can be heard. We understand that our movement will only succeed with the energy and passion of a multitude of people. We are pros when it comes to internal team work and working in coalitions and partnerships with our allies.
  • Our approach has something for everyone! Whether you enjoy communications, speaking to groups and individuals on why marriage matters, doing research work, working with legislators and local elected officials, writing, planning events, phone banking, graphic arts, data entry, canvassing… everyone had an opportunity to be a part of the organization, to contribute to this movement and to enjoy their role!