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Morgan v. Snyder

Case #: 1:14-cv-00632
Court Level: Federal District Court 
Date Filed: 11 June 2014
Date of Appeal:


  • 11 June 2014, a Michigan couple filed suit seeking recognition of their New York marriage. The case was assigned to Judge Gordon J. Quist. 
  • 14 Jul,y 2014, defendant Snyder filed a motion to stay this case pending a 6th Circuit decision in the Michigan marriage case DeBoer v. Snyder (see the last case listed below).
  • 11 August 2014, Judge Quist granted the stay.  
  • 2 December 2014, the judge issued an Order to Show Cause why the case should not continue to be stayed until the United States Supreme Court reaches a decision on the 6th Circuit decisions. Responses due by 16 December 201.4
  • 9 December 2014, defendant Kent County Clerk supports a continued stay.
  • 16 December 2014, the plaintiffs filed their opposition to a continued stay, saying they are entitled to recognition of their marriage regardless of the decision in DeBoer
  • 16 December 2014, defendant Governor Snyder supports a continued stay.
  • 23 December 2014, the court issued an Order: "Stay entered on August 11, 2014 shall remain in effect pending further order of this Court."
  • 16 April 2015, Gov. Synder filed his oppostion to lifting the stay, brain cancer or no. Outrageous and disgusting!
  • 20 April 2015, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Opposes Recognizing Marriage Of Terminally Ill Gay Man - By Carlos Santoscoy, OnTop Magazine.
  • 21 April 2015, an order was filed denying the plaintiffs' motion to lift the stay. "While the Court is not unsympathetic to Plaintiffs’ circumstances in light of Plaintiff Morgan’s health status, the Court is nonetheless bound by the Sixth Circuit’s decision in DeBoer, which directly controls Plaintiffs’ claims and remains valid." ... "Therefore,"IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that Plaintiffs’ Motion to Lift Stay and to Enter Judgment in Favor of Plaintiffs Pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 56 (dkt. # 32) is DENIED. "The stay shall remain in effect."
Blankenship v. Snyder

Case #: 2:2014cv12221
Court Level: Federal District Court (6th)
Date Filed: 5 June 2014
Date of Appeal:


  • This case seeks recognition of a same-sex couple’s (Erin Dawn Blankenship and Shayla Blankenship) out-of-state marriage.
  • 10 February 2015, an Order was issued staying the case pending a U.S. Supreme Court decision in the marriage cases and terminating the pending motion to dismiss without prejudice (this can be refiled or reactivated later).  This administratively closes this case. NOTE: An administrative closure takes the case off the active docket without reaching a final determination. The case can be reactivated at a later date by request of a party or by action of the Court on its own.
Theresa Bassett, et al., v. MI Governor Richard Snyder

Case #: 2:12-cv-10038
Court Level: Federal District Court (6th)
Date Filed: 28 June 2013
Date of Appeal:


  • Five same-gender couples challenged the constitutionality of MI’s Public Act 297 which denies fringe benefits to same-gender partners of government employees.
  • 28 June 2013, a federal judge issued an injunction against the law prohibiting partner benefits
  • 11 April 2014 the defendants moved to suspend the case until a final decision is made in DeBoer. The case was on hold.
  • struck down the Michigan law as violating the 14th Amendment. NOTE: This case involves Domestic Partner benefits, not marriage.

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