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MEUSA Volunteers Oppose Anti-LGBTQ Actions of Porterville, California, City Council

In California's Central Valley, MEUSA has been supporting a coalition of organizations to fight an attempt by the Porterville City Council to discriminate against the LGBTQ population. MEUSA's local organizer Melissa McMurrey has been at the forefront of a campaign to restore the city of Porterville's official designation of the month of June as "Pride Month," honoring those in the community who have made contributions to the city. Originally proclaimed by Porterville Mayor Virginia Gurolla, the designation was later rescinded in a 3-2 anti-LGBTQ vote by the city council. Following the rescission, the city council proceeded to remove the mayor from office. Following a 150+ participant rally in front of town hall, McMurrey continues to work with others to build a coalition and work to restore the designation and make the community a better place for its LGBTQ residents.

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