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Can you believe what we did in 2014? (And what your support could do in 2015??)

Kirsten_and_Kath_Love_Makes_a_Family.jpg2014 has been a year of major accomplishments for Marriage Equality USA as far as moving toward our goal of making sure each of us can marry the person we love and live in places where our love and families are respected and celebrated!

We are ending 2014 this month, therefore, I am asking you to make a generous year-end gift so that we can secure and expand our accomplishments in the new year, including:

  • Our NEAT coalition made over 20,000 calls earlier in the year to secure marriage in New Mexico and turn back final passage of an anti-marriage Constitutional Amendment in Indiana
  • Almost 700 people signed up to participate in our series of National Education calls on key court decisions this year
  • We launched a newly redesigned website containing one of the web's most comprehensive sources of marriage equality information and maps
  • We commenced new initiatives online and on the ground in Georgia and North Carolina where we work with local partners to train communities and grow public support for marriage equality

We know that changing laws is only half of our battle. Along with continuing to support current and future court cases, MEUSA is committed to changing hearts and minds around our nation so that our wins are permanent and our families can feel secure in the communities where they live, work and play.

But we need your continued help to do this. Please consider making a $500, $250, $100, $50 or $25 tax-deductible donation today to MEUSA to make sure we have the resources we need to achieve this vision!

Or, help us to grow and sustain these critical programs by becoming a $100, $50 or $25 a month sustaining supporter! The work to increase levels of respect for LGBTQ families in our communities starts with the work we are doing to engage with those who still buy in to our opposition's lies and stereotypes. Your support will allow us to work directly with those who need it most.

Thank you and Happy Holidays! 

Message from Brian Silva, Executive Director of Marriage Equality USA

PHOTO CREDIT: Levi Smith Photography

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