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Jane Wishon - Los Angeles, CA


Jane is a straight ally who has held leadership positions in a number of socially conscious organizations for the last 20+ years. She served for a number of years as MEUSA's CA Los Angeles County Chapter Leader, as well as serving as a member on the Board of Directors. Jane volunteers in Case Management for AIDS Project LA. Jan, blogs on behalf of the LGBTQ community and works with The Trevor Project both in schools and online.

Jane's background includes an MBA as a Baker Fellow at the Anderson School of Management UCLA, New Business Research and Development for Xerox Learning Systems, and Store Management for Bullocks Wilshire Department Stores. Jane lives in Los Angeles CA with her husband of 34 years and her three children. She is an Elder of the Presbyterian Church.

Jane focuses on building coalitions and her work for Marriage Equality USA has always included networking with communities of color and representing MEUSA with the organizations we partner with -- she is our "Coalition Maven"! She also serves on the board of the Latino Equality Allance.

Jane likes to read, and her favorite teams are the Lakers and the Dodgers. Her family teases her about being blonde and speaking slowly (she grew up in Texas). Inequality is the thing that gets Jane's blood to boiling!