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Denise Norris - Andes, NY

denise_norris.jpgDenise is a recognized leader in the transgender community, with a great depth of advocacy and organizing experience in the workplace, community, and beyond. She has a commitment to building a holistic movement for all LGBTQ-aligned individuals. Denise is currently the lead for global transgender workplace inclusion at Accenture, a global management consulting firm with over 250 thousand employees world-wide. Her roots in the transgender community extend back more than 20 years from co-founding the Transexual Menace in 1993 to the creation of the Institute for Transgender Economic Advancement in 2014.

Denise's vision for the future is that we will no longer be separated by letters like L, G, B and T, but will become one community united in seeking equality for all genders and all orientations.

She is located in upstate New York.