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David Luc Nguyen - Seattle, WA

david_luc_nguyen.jpgDavid is a media manager and journalist residing in the Pacific Northwest.  His work and collaborations have been featured by major news organizations including CBS, ABC, and NBC News and various national and local publications including The Advocate, Out Magazine, Huffington Post, Seattle Gay News, Seattle Gay Scene and Outview.

As a Queer Asian-American he co-founded and served as a board member of the (API) Asian Pacific Islander International Council after “recognizing that he was among a segment of the population that is often overlooked and even marginalized with the traditional Asian American community.”

Though he has lived in New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles he still considers Southwest Washington and Oregon his home.  In his limited free time he volunteers for charities and organizations addressing HIV/AIDS research and education, third-world poverty, homeless and serves a mentor in a Gay and Lesbian young authors/writers program.

He also enjoys traveling, sports, trying new experiences (swimming with Dolphins, Zip-Lining, and Sky-Diving later this year) and most importantly spending time with his large family.  He is the youngest of five children to immigrant parents and uncle to 10 nephews and nieces.