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  • In 2006, voters defeated Proposition 107, which would have added a ban on marriage equality to the state constitution. This was the first time the voters of a U.S. state defeated such a proposal.
  • Unfortunately, a similar ballot proposition, Prop 102, passed in November 2008, and the state constitution was amended.
  • On 17 May 2013, Equal Marriage Arizona filed an initiative to put an amendment on the 2014 ballot which would replace the current definition of marriage with a gender-neutral definition. In September 2013, the initiative was suspended due to a lack of support from another national LGBTQ organization. 
  • 17 October 2014, the AZ constitutional ban on same-sex marriage since 2008, per Arizona Proposition 102, was ruled unconstitutional by U.S. District Judge John Sedwick. Sedwick ruled the AZ ban on marriage equality unconstitutional in both pending federal legal cases. See LAWSUITS-RESOLVED below.

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