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About 'Getting to "I DO"'


Getting to "I Do": Our Journeys to Marriage Equality is a project to collect and share multimedia-rich personal stories about relationships, family, marriage, advocacy, and equality in an online gallery. Sharing the personal stories of our own dreams, ideals, and experiences with our families, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and communities is one of the most powerful ways to bring people to support civil marriage.

In partnership with acclaimed storytelling website CowbirdMEUSA invites you and anyone you know to use this online tool to combine photos, audio, and text in order to create and share a wide range of personal marriage equality journeys and stories including:

  • Personal journeys of same-sex couples and their relationships, their children, and their hopes and dreams for marriage
  • Stories of our families, friends, neighbors, and communities as they’ve come to embrace and work towards marriage equality
  • Stories of people who once opposed marriage equality but now have moved to a position of support
  • Experiences as volunteers and advocates working towards marriage equality

Sharing your story is easy:

  • Join Cowbird and write "Marriage Equality USA" in the You section when you sign up 
  • Add your story by clicking the Tell a story link at the top right of the Cowbird home page
  • Upload a photo, add audio and/or text
  • Click the Saga icon button in the right column, and choose Marriage Equality from the list of Cowbird sagas that appear

In addition to the full collection of stories that will live on Cowbird, MEUSA also will feature a curated collection of stories on its own website, blog, and social media platforms.