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National Equality Action Team (NEAT)


The National Equality Action Team, chaired by Marriage Equality USA is a coalition of national, state, local and grassroots organizations as well as individual organizers which mobilizes out­-of-­state marriage equality supporters to volunteer for actions in states with active marriage campaigns. These actions are done in coordination with, and with the support of the local state campaign.

Our goal is to recruit more volunteers to make more phone calls (or knock on more doors) to result in more voter actions that lead to more states winning marriage until all 50 states have full marriage equality. 

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History of NEAT

In fall 2012, Marriage Equality USA brought together a group of 20 local, state, and national organizations to support the efforts in Maryland, Washington and Maine to pass same-­sex marriage and to help Minnesota defeat their anti­gay marriage amendment. By the November election, the group had hosted three two­-day canvass events and nearly 80 phone banks with volunteers calling from home and at nine locations around the country. Collectively, these volunteers made 50,000 calls and contributed to the historic wins in all four states. Due to this success and the positive response of volunteers, organizations, and the four state campaigns, Marriage Equality USA decided to create a permanent organization to support this work for all marriage campaigns.