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NEATBlackGreen.jpgAs Marriage Equality USA prepares to cease operations, we encourage you to volunteer with the National Equality Action Team (NEAT). NEAT was started by MEUSA in 2012 and after winning marriage, was spun off to continue to organize volunteers to take local action in support of other LGBTQ issues. NEAT maintains a robust field program, coordinated with local partners, to empower Americans no matter where they live to take local actions (like phone calls or door knocks) that lead to more communities winning equality and justice across the country. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THEIR LIST.

Marriage Equality USA was strong because of the amazing volunteers who supported us and our cause. There was not just one way to create the kind of change we envisioned in our society - it took all of us working collectively, together, to create that change. Not only did we create a better tomorrow for our community, we had fun and made new connections while doing so! Our goal was to give you the tools, training, and support necessary for you to advocate for marriage equality in your own voice.

Marriage Equality USA was a volunteer-driven organization, and as such, the great majority of our local and national staff positions were volunteer-based. A few positions were occasionally for paid employment. 

MEUSA Volunteers in ACTION

  • speaking_at_a_fundraiser.png

    Speaking at a Fundraiser

  • phone_banking_to_change_hearts_and_minds.png

    Phone Banking to Change Hearts and Minds

  • leading_a_rally.png

    Leading a Rally

  • staffing_a_pride_booth.png

    Staffing a PRIDE Booth

  • outreach_recruitment.png


  • talking_to_voters_from_home.png

    Talking to voters from Home

  • meeting_with_elected_officials.png

    Meeting with Elected Officials

  • being_interviewed_on_local_television.png

    Being Interviewed on Local Television

  • coalition_work_with_labor_union_leaders.png

    Coalition Work with Labor Union Leaders

  • scooping_ice_cream_to_raise_money.png

    Scooping Ice Cream to Raise Money

  • requesting_marriage_licenses.png

    Requesting Marriage Licenses

  • working_with_faith_leaders.png

    Working with Faith Leaders

  • door_to_door_canvassing.png

    Door-to-Door Canvassing

  • being_interviewed_by_the_press.png

    Being Interviewed by the Press

  • celebrating_the_weddings_of_others.png

    Celebrating the Weddings of Others