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Because grassroots volunteers are, and have always been, the root of the Marriage Equality family (MENY, MECA, & MEUSA) and its many successes, it is imperative that we include personal experiences from volunteers as part of our record. In short, we want you to spin us your yarn, regale us with your tale, and wax poetically for the ages.

We are looking to compile as many personal stories from Marriage Equality members as we can (at least 30-50), so *don't be shy.* Stories should describe a singular, standout experience that reflects your work in the movement as part of our organization (see Guidelines below).

All the stories will be included in our public archive and (as many as we can) will be published into a book. We want to make sure the public knows the important role of grassroots volunteers and our organization in this fight. Now is the time to put pen to paper and fingers to keys and be included. The wider variety of Marriage Equality alumni that participate, the better! If you are interested in submitting a story, please fill out this short form. 


500-2500 words that describe a singular, standout experience that reflects your work in the movement as part of MENY / MECA / MEUSA. We are looking for vignettes, not resumes, that are touching and heartfelt. If you have more than one experience, feel free to submit multiple stories. Check out the links on top for examples of stories already written to give you some idea of what might work for you.


As soon as possible after signing up, you will be paired with a volunteer editor - though feel free to start writing right away. Once you are paired, you will have 2 weeks to submit a first draft to the editor, and they'll return comments for your consideration shortly thereafter to create a final draft. All told, you and your editor will have 30 days to submit a finished project (preferably with a picture or two).


Not only for the annals of history, the compilation book will also be available online for anyone who would like to peruse it and (hopefully) in printed form as well. 

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