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Edie Windsor Talks Love and Struggles in the Workplace in Part 2 of MEUSA Video Series

New York  10 July 2014 - Today, Marriage Equality USA is proud to release Part 2 in of Edie Windsor: In Her Own Words, a multi-part series of interviews with LGBTQ icon and longtime MEUSA member Edie Windsor. 

In this segment Edie recounts her life before and after the Stonewall uprising and her long and "persistent" courtship of her late wife Thea. Her honest portrayal of what it was like to be queer in the workforce during this time is especially poignant considering the current debate around LGBTQ workplace discrimination issues and the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA). 

Each of these videos, the first being released today with others to follow throughout July, explores Edie's life through her own words as she relates her story to her friend and MEUSA colleague, Cathy Marino-Thomas. From how she met Thea and got to know the LGBTQ world during their early days together, through their struggle to get married, and eventually to the DOMA case and the Supreme Court of the United States.

Edie Windsor: In Her Own Words - PART 1 (June 26)

Edie Windsor: In Her Own Words - PART 2 (July 10) 

Edie Windsor: In Her Own Words - PART 3 (late July)


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